What are silent auction bidding sheets?

Silent auction bidding sheets are the most crucial ingredient which helps to raise additional funds. A bidding sheet must contain the logo of your organization including a description of the items, catalog number starting bid rate etc. You have to mention minimum bid increment that might come handy to avoid confusions. It’s better to ask for printed sheets, despite using hand written ones. You can also use numbers, despite using different names to make a sociable competition. Creating silent auction bidding sheet carefully will maximize your income by encouraging great bidding. It’s thus worth to follow few simple rules in order to design a sheet in a proper way.

  • Item description

Auction sheet has to include the title of an item on the top of silent auction bidding sheet. You must also give a huge number representing auction category along with the individual number for distinct bidders that assists in tracing winning bidder easily. Description of an item must be brief and comprise all details that a bidder needs to know, prior to making a bid. If details of an item aren’t clearly known, you can also include information such as resale restrictions, expiration dates, price caps or any number of details included in the letter of a donor.

  • Item pricing

The starting bid, the actual value of the item, and minimum increment must be specified clearly in silent auction bidding sheet. The price of an item must be high enough to maximize value and starting bid must be low enough to hinder interest of possible bidders. It’s wise to state starting bid on the top line of the sheet. You have to give a grid for a different number of donors in a silent auction bidding sheet, so that they may write down their names.

  • Enforce the auction cause

It’s imperative to implement the reason of auction in bid sheets. You have to put the name of your organization or name of an event on top of any number of bid sheets. Silent auction sheets should also have space for the name of the bidder, amount they are going to bid along with their contact details. A sheet is a most crucial tool of communication, which bidders may use to make a bid they like. So, you should take very good care of getting silent auction bidding sheet because if you get the wrong one, it might affect your auction and the selling amount of your product.