SEO and your business

SEO means search engine optimization and it is the technique that companies use in order to launch their business on the internet. SEO are two types 1) white hat SEO and 2) Black hat SEO. As you can understand by their names that white hat SEO follows techniques that are legit to use and anyone can use in order to make their online business prominent under a huge number other competitor businesses. Whereas black hat Stockholm SEO webdesign techniques are the one that is illegal to use and you should never go for such techniques because if Google spiders found that you are using any illegal mean to secure top position in the search result, it will immediately block your business from even coming on the last page of the result.

Few websites or online business tries to use a shortcut that they can use to secure the place of another famous business and to attract their customer to their own business. This is cheap as compare to other white hat SEO technique and that’s one of the reasons why people usually opt for these white hat SEO techniques. One of the very famous techniques that are being used by black hat SEO expert is known as spamdexing.

As you can understand by its name, spamdexing means indexing of spam websites through Stockholm SEO webdesign. Each and every who is related to the internet is adding any kind of written content on the internet and spamdexing uses that raw content in order to improve their ranking and in order to become famous without investing a huge sum of money like people do by opting for White Hat SEO techniques. But always remember that Spamdexing is illegal so if search engine spiders caught you that you are using any illegal means to gain top position, you will be excluded in the future result.