Some Easy Ways You Should Consider To Protect Your Home From Burglary

People want to protect their home and the things and people within it, but often find it difficult to install an expensive monthly home security system. However, there are several other inexpensive ways to make your home protective and safe.

How Can You Protect Your Home From Burglary?

Burglars often look at residential homes when they are empty, that is when people are at work. If you are out for work and concerned about the burglaries in the neighbourhood, then you can set a random timer to turn the radio or TV on during these hours. If you have a car, then try to keep it in the driveway when you are at the work. You can also rent it during these hours to protect it from thieves and earn some extra bucks.

If you are using any gardening or home maintenance services such as window cleaning, then you should schedule those services during these theft hours. Deadbolt locks, pins in sash windows and bars on windows are generally considered as the best home security systems. Home without any security systems are 3 times more prone than the regular ones.

Mostly, the burglars come through first floor windows, back door or front door followed by unlocked entrances, garage and basement. You need to reinforce all these entry points, however the best places to put the security cameras are of course, back door and first floor windows. You can also place some fake security cameras, at these places.

You can use your outside lighting to make sure that all these entries are well lit and clear of any thief-hiding shrubbery.

You can also leave an old laptop having a GPS app, so that thief can quickly grab and go. Thus you can track his location using that app, easily.