Choose From the Available Sizes and Designs of Ear Gauge Flesh Tunnel

You will find a variety of ear gauges and flesh tunnels in the market today. One can choose the item based on his choice and requirements. You are also free to choose the material of ear plugs of different sizes so that it can suit the sensitivity of your skin. Let us discuss about few designs available in the market. IF You Are looking for the Best Plugs And Tunnels, Then Please Visit

  1. Size 0 mm flesh tunnels – These days, many people like heavy gauge jewelry and thus it has become a fashion. The precise dimension of 0-gauge is 8 mm X 12 mm X 11 mm. There are varieties of 0 gauge barbells that reflect under UV light and it produces its own light too. Such flesh tunnels are most preferable in the parties.

You can also get them in various colors to match with your dress. One can easily wear them or remove them. You can choose your barbells as per your preference.

  1. 2mm gauge plugs – If you are looking for plugs and tunnels of 2mm size to have a lighter weight plug then it is available in the market. Most of these gauges are made of UV and an image that is available on both sides of the plug. It is very comfortable to wear and gives a stylish appearance. Due to its smaller size, it can easily go with any type of costume.
  2. 10mm flesh tunnel size – If you put on size 10mm gauge ear plug then it really gives a very charming look. They are available in UV finish and you will find attractive images on both sides. By wearing such ear plug you will be easily noticed in the crowd because of its classy look. Their craftsmanship and quality is 100 per cent guaranteed.
  3. 12mm ear gauge size – Though 10mm ear gauge is standard size, 12mm ear plug also offers many different styles. There are a number of designs available that you can choose according to your need.
  4. 20mm ear gauge – This is the largest size available for ear gauge and is quite popular in Australia.