Is bottled water unsafe to drink?

Some people regard bottled water wholesale unsafe to drink. They think that companies add chemicals to the water into the bottle. Their concept is all right to some extent. If they don’t add chemicals, the water will go to the bad anytime soon. A specific chemical is added to the water Apparently, it seems their compulsion but the actual fact is way off base. A specific chemical is added to the water so that its freshness remains intact. The actual issue is not the wrongful inclusion of chemical that is injurious to your health. The actual issue The actual issue is that most companies ascribe no importance to the cleanliness of the packing from the beginning to the end in the first place. The secret of long life Water is life. No living thing can live alive without water. The secret of long life lies in the use of clean and pure water. Sources to abstract water The companies have two sources to abstract water before it is gone through the purification process; underground water and river water. The company where river water is accessible, they use that. And the companies where river water isn’t accessible, they have to bank on underground water.