Brief Guide To Choose A Charity And Give Wisely

Research charities

Before signing a check, take some time and do some research on the charity, you wish to donate.

Recognize your preferences

For example,

  • Is it education, environment, animal protection, hunger, medical help, etc.
  • Do you desire to support small/large or old/new charity?
  • Must the charity be a local organization or a regional or foreign one?

Give priority to charity’s mission

  • Read each charity’s mission details
  • Find one, which suits your preference
  • Eliminate charities, which don’t satisfy your norms

After a thorough research you are prepared to get an insight of the chosen organizations.

Evaluate charities

Check for legitimacy

  • Check for IRS recognitions
  • If organization is religious based then check its official listing

Read the cold and hard facts

Reputable and best charity organization will –

  • Clearly define its mission and vision
  • Have assessable goals
  • Describe their achievements using solid criteria


  • Compare charities conducting work in the same niche, especially when you check their finances.
  • Kind of charity practice can dramatically affect its operating expense.

Which charities to avoid?

Avoid charities, which don’t share information or pressurize donors. Always remember that

  • Reputable non-profit organizations discuss their finances and programs clearly.
  • Never apply pressure tactics
  • Willingly send their work brochure
  • Will accept your ‘No’ politely

Trust your guts

  • If there is a doubt regarding specific charitable organization then don’t gift it.
  • Look for another charity performing the same work and make a donation, if you feel comfortable.